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August 11, 2013
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Female Lucario (+Download) SFM UPDATE!!! by spay1100 Female Lucario (+Download) SFM UPDATE!!! by spay1100
Updates: Model now works for Gmod.


~Here is a release on the Female Lucario. Press the download button over on the right to download the ZIP.~

Contributers: :iconbtlh: :iconspay1100:
Idea by: :iconbtlh:
Special thanks to :iconmegaman196: for suggesting me a helpful modeler for some assistance.

Side Notes:

Model will constantly spaz around in Gmod, I recommend using the stand poser to stop this from happening.

Model has multiple bodygroups for eyes.

Steam Workshop Version:…


From the Gmod version comes the SFM version of the Female Lucario.

This model features multple bodygroups for the eyes and a exclusive feature for SFM only, Jigglebones

Fine the model here:…

Image made in SFM and edited in Paint.NET
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jube1438 Featured By Owner Edited Aug 16, 2014  New member
why would you BUTCHER lucario let alone abused the model that you didn't make, adding on something grotesque. it's not even lucario without the spike, i dont care if your excuse is removing it but it isnt its just taking and ruining a perfectly normal lucario in POKEMON "logic" meaning they're NO SUCH thing as "boobs" for female lucario and they wouldnt be that graphic not much less BIG ... it'd be flat as heck and slightly show curve marks, not hanging out there. in TRUE pokemon male to female basis, it's that things has a SMALLER / BIGGER difference like houndoom with smaller horns though pikachu has a different tail. THAT means lucario female difference would be a SMALLER torso. and makes PERFECT friendly-nature, SENSE. This is the kind of thing they would CENSOR treating it like a disney movie. just for the sake of breeding, and to say they're more lucarios and not legendary - ect, they slapped a female there for no real gender difference. it's just there for the sake of that background knowledge to not be brought into question. not even that but you should of CHANGED the face a bit to be more feminine, like the eyes for example, making it have eyelashes or curvy - smaller eye lid close, kind of thing. Because this is the kind of thing that would RUIN lucarios image for us. It's like switching a males body and placing boobs on it. That's like swapping your head and legs with hanging boobs in the middle of it. does that seem right? No. That's like making a male figure sticked into a wedding dress - crossdressing to be one UGLY of a shemale with a beard and  blue eye make up with bright red lip stick on. or making a male pregnant. THAT'S how messed up this is it's disgusting and you ruined the image of lucario for our eyes. this is only for random girls that just wants an excuse for it, and that's why they want the facial lucario look to remain the same to make an excuse of a male LOOKING lucario be transsexual for. (in fact - that's what this just looks like.) if you put it in a proper placement and pose and what it's doing, it might make it look - suitable for it, other then that it just looks like a male lucario faceswap. and genderbend... but not very. and no matter what - it's porn no matter how you look at it. Making it TOO mature outside of pokemon, which you should put a disclaimer "Fake lucario representation that's not based off the actual lucario appearance in the game" ) and it's true, because female lucario looks the exact same - nothings changed except maybe the torso smaller, and for REAL female lucarios, is to make it more skinny - smaller torso's that's ACTUAL female lucarios from pokemon DONE .. RIGHT.. it's like you failed on reading into the details, so it doesn't count anywhere. just slapping boobs on lucario is like playing frankenstein just patching and taping it on TOP of the body.. But not actually ATTACHED to it.. which means...occasionally it's going to fall off a lot and have to tape it back on like a zombie dropping an ear lobe and picking it back up again. (pirates and the caribbean reference) this is false, not accepted. and that's that. if you want to make a true female lucario ... SMALLER torso... you want to change it's looks adding on things that isn't even on lucario? then make changes to it's face to make it more feminine and appropriate to go along with it. or else they and I just don't see it. its like making one little change - adding a mark or color change and calling it an OC. that's how lazy this is. it's just appalling. truly  . this wasnt what i wanted to see in the search results - thanks for grossing me out . . and make me un-okay with this

Spam-in-a-Box: NOOO 
BlackMasterElite15 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Student Digital Artist
bubblesishot46853 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014
Dawww...cute!  *hugs her*
Tokami-Fuko Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014  Student General Artist
Do you have her .obj or .x versions or other formats? I need used in my poser-program
Zengie111 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014
:iconreactionplz: ... I am very surprised.
*Suddenly, Pineapples*
:iconkiddingplz: This did not help.
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